More Army and less of everything else ?

The United States Air Force gets around $160B per year for its annual budget. This is important to me because I don’t think the  top leadership of the USAF is convincing  with his ideas of the services’s future direction. If you take a critical eye to some of his words, he is basically trying to convince everyone that somehow, the USAF is important. Shouldn’t its actions speak for itself? Curtis LeMay and Billy Mitchell he is not.

If those believers in small wars über alles are willing to put their money where their mouth is, there is even more trimming that can be done to all services—except the United States Army.

We have a lot of ground forces tied up wearing USAF uniforms. This is not unlike the Luftwaffe of World War II when it was seriously losing purpose and creating ground formations. If a task does not  involve flying and space systems, we do not  need the USAF. The  USAF could operate better if it was concentrating more on the flying part of the business all while shedding things like the nuclear mission for the long range bombers and throwing the F-3$ requirement into the trash heap.

The Navy could be so much better with ships that are relevant. We have a United States Navy that is buying big dollar ships that are not going to make a bit of difference to any future war we fight; LCS, DDX, etc.

Today we have Marines doing jobs that should be done by the Army.  The USMC should do only those things that Marines are good at. If the job isn’t about amphibious efforts and the littorals, we don’t need the USMC.

In addition to the military services we are throwing away billions into out-sourced logistics. Looking at today’s ground campaigns, it would seem that if types of personnel were streamlined down into fighting the good fight (such as it is), that we should pull money and resources from the above mentioned players and put it into the United States Army. I would rather see  Army logistics battalions instead of contractors from who-knows-where.

So with all that, it still seems laughable to me when we hear Gates and others talk about the needs for the wars we fight today. He has not even put a dent in the reformation he speaks so big of.

If the QDR is  going in the small wars direction, they better act like it; all while not forgetting that the U.S. Army needs to be much bigger and other services much smaller.

Or we can just watch the whole system muddle along and not accomplish very much.

Personally, I don’t like useless dirt ops. If muddle is all we get, it is time to cap the annual defense budget at $400M and get it over with sooner rather than later.

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2 thoughts on “More Army and less of everything else ?

  1. While I have a couple of quibbles with your comments, for the most part I say “Amen”. While I have huge disagreements with the New Wars guys on carriers (I think they’re vital, he thinks they’re obsolete), we do agree on some things. For one, USMC has gotten huge and gone way beyond it’s mission. At 210K+, it’s not a Corps anymore, it’s another army. And we already have an army. I say cut USMC down to about 75K. Make them an actual Corps again. Shrink some of the Navy’s surface combatant fleet, as well as USAF’s fast jet force, but buy more support ships and big airplanes. While it’s not a glamorous mission, we really really need USN and USAF to step up the logistics mission.

  2. Sorry, more Army is simply not the answer. It’s been two months since mo-ron pshycho psychiatrist murdered 13 at Ft. Hood, and there have been no demotions, no firings, nothing. I still would like the Army Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Army to be men enough to resign for the good of the service. Oh well, I guess Gates and the ’76 West Point Mafia are too important to be accountable.

    So the answer is no to abolish everything and keep the Army, it is the opposite. Give the Corps the missions, and get rid of the Army. OK, don’t do that, just fire everybody in the Army above 0-5 (some of the Captains may be salvageable, maybe), purple (joint) their asses and see what we get.

    Ok, now I feel better. I know, I know, none of the above can be done. (Can we at least fire that Mo-ron Gates?, please? for the sake of the grandchildren I don’t have yet?).

    Let’s get out of Iraq, out of the ‘tans, cancel the F-35 (I’ll take 75 more F-22s). Point me a politician who’ll vote for this (yes, I mean EVEN Sarah Palin) and I’ll vote for them.

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