Faulkner’s words unchanged

Defence Minister Faulkner may actually believe what he says here.

Australian defense planning has always adopted a “cautious approach” to cost estimates for the F-35 fighter by factoring in significant amounts of contingency funds to deal with cost risks, Faulkner said. He didn’t disclose cost estimates, however.

That, given what is known about the program, is troubling. When will Faulkner face reality? The F-35 is a fifth generation failure.

2 thoughts on “Faulkner’s words unchanged

  1. So basically when the JSF price increases, Defense has extra taxpayer dollars to throw at the problem. Yeah, that sounds like a brilliant plan and it has worked so well for many other Defense programs (Seasprite, Collins, etc).

  2. yr right leper, but for many reasons, diplomatic and strategic, we are compelled to buy american as are the other f35 partners, could you imagine what would happen to the US aerospace industry if we all decided that we’d heard sufficient bull…t from lm and took our dollars elsewhere.

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