New photos (clear ones) of Chicom J-20 stealth fighter #military

Here,here and here.

A good time to re-read capability surprise if ever there was one.

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5 thoughts on “New photos (clear ones) of Chicom J-20 stealth fighter #military

  1. With this many pics coming out, it is starting to look like the real deal. Interesting all moving vertical tail a la F117. Side fuselage/inlets seems very flat, maybe a small weapons bay or potential side mounted radar. Frontal LO should be good, we will need to see more to know about the rest of the aircraft. Personally, not really sure the Chinese went for a fighter, I think this is more a very long range CAP fighter a la F14 or even maybe a strike/deep penetration bomber. It makes more sense because Chinese don’t really have anything like B1/B2s or even TU95/TU22s in service so I will go on a limb here and say they are developing something more like FB22 than F22/PAKFA.

    Not sure much more to say until we have more pics and more info comes out, we know nothing of the engines and dimensions, we also need better pictures.:)

    I have found some of the comments on AvWeek to be truly ridiculous when we know virtually nothing and already so many have formed such hard convictions and certitudes.

  2. I wonder how far along with the program they are. Do we know where the photos were taken?

    Would love to hear Anon/KP’s comments on the photographs.


  3. Something else that I have noticed but really diffucult to call because we don’t know time of day and fuzzy pics and all, some people have commented on the Red star on the fins, not sure it’s a big deal.

    Personally I find the paint job more interesting, it looks kind of dark gray to dark blue, depending of the angle. Seems more appropriate/ traditional to Chinese Navy colors than Chinese Airforce colors. Kind of surprising the Chinese even painted it, kind of expecting it to be in unfinished yellow primer. Would lead one to believe it is a bit more along than thought of.


    Couple of frontal views, which again make me wonder if these are real or is the Chinese Govt happy to release info/pics this way? With this many pics appearing,it is difficult to believe it is a hoax or just Photoshop. Seems strange to me ?!? What is the Chinese govt doing? I would have expected far more secrecy and not all these pics appearing like this, at least not until after first flight.Just real strange.

    Anyways,if it is real, from quarter front, it does remind me of MIG Article 1.44. The nose seems more F22 inspired though.

    Even Chinese bloggers seem surprised at how big this thing is.

  5. If it’s so big, where are the big engines to go with it? If it’s not meant to be an energy fighter, why the canards and the fins for that matter. AFAIK, all sorts of stabs only get bigger during development (though the MiG-29 apparently ditched its ventral fins early in production).

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