Whistle-blowers claim Defence fakes massive amounts of security background checks #military #auspol

This article takes the cake for troubling Defence news. In it whistle-blowers claim that security checks on a variety of Defence personal and contractors are faked to try and reduce a backlog of background checks and personal security reports.

It involves claims of threatening those employees to pick up the pace and fake documents to get things done.

If true, it is one of the most serious breaches of security to be made public.

An investigation should be launched with an outside agency that doesn’t directly report to Defence. The Federal Police would probably do. An investigation of this size is worthy of a fund-site, sufficient manning  and standing up of office space in the Federal Police to find out the exact health of our Defence security vetting process.

Besides losing a war it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Matter of fact it is something as serious as this that COULD make us lose a war, suffer a domestic terrorist incident (on any scale), leak large amounts of secret information, or see equipment pilfered on a large scale for lack of a crim-check.

Without proper security vetting of Defence personnel and contractors, we have no credible national defence.

4 thoughts on “Whistle-blowers claim Defence fakes massive amounts of security background checks #military #auspol

  1. Frankly, having gone through one or two, admittedly very low level, security screenings, I have been extremely unimpressed by the amount of information that -could- be obtained as much as was. Yes, my relatives and references were named, by me, on a document. No, no one was interviewed nor their records checked through schools and known acquaintances etc.

    Unless it’s down medical, criminal and a credit check, nobody verified a -thing- beyond the fact that _the person named_ was clean. I could have been Hitler.

    Where this becomes a problem is in societies where:

    1. ‘Nationalism = Racism’
    And there is a mandate to ‘guilty until proven otherwise’ negate the assumption through quota hires of often recently naturalized foreigners. This is particularly critical when you are looking at military service as it’s own ‘purity of patriotism’ test for foreign nationals.

    2. Foreign Ethnies fulfill an increasing number of technical positions.
    Due to either standing or covert A/A mandates or specifically sought skills (real or imagined).

    Unfortunately, this includes many East Asians whose 4-6 point lead in IQ and specifically math/spatial (One of those faked ‘brain shortage!’ issues, Gee Thanks Mr. Greenspan!) equates to massively greater graduation rates in key engineering arenas.

    It is also true that, even among 2nd/3rd generation groups ethnics (in the U.S. and Canada anyway) maintain a ‘home team loyalty’ effect which is explicitly nationalistic -and- racially (China is 91% Han and likes it that way very much thank you…) homogenized.

    This leads to much more favorable responses to fellow Asians making ‘polite enquiries’ which quickly become compromising, by choice or otherwise. If it’s their own country, all the better, but it doesn’t have to be (Taiwanese native recruited by mainland intel).

    Add to this the fact that much of our ‘dual use’ technology has very weak end-user certificating verification and U.S. laws on front companies held by foreign nationals are equally loose. While Chinese Intelligence is paying _very well_ to anyone and everyone they can grab, including gwailos with ethnic studies degrees looking for easy money in Asia (where there is a whole industry dedicated to hiring token whites to appear ‘international’), and you have the makings of a Le Carre novel.

    Or a real world disaster.


    • ….”this includes many East Asians whose 4-6 point lead in IQ and specifically math/spatial …… equates to massively greater graduation rates in key engineering arenas.”

      And yet they still cannot reverse park at the supermarket, drive anything other than a Toyota Camry, keep out of the right hand (fast lane down under) lane, or drive a manual stick shift. Something tell me we are not as screwed as we like to think.

  2. Well, for certain jobs the background checks are real. But they can only be a first step, without constant internal counter-intelligence efforts they are not worth terribly much. Truth is that in an organization that is part of a free/western/liberal/open society counter-intelligence only goes so far. And politcal correctness blanking out common sense, couldn’t-care-less attitude due to societal disintegration, and simple naivete are further weaking factors.

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