Moving time for the blog and a slightly different direction

I am moving and changing my blog. This blog known as ELP is going to take a different path.

I will write about Defens(c)e matters, but I will also write about other things: Australia, the U.S., politics, technology, and anything of interest.

The albatross known as the F-35 may come up from time to time, but those days are mostly done. If someone hasn’t figured out that it is a failure by now, they never will until it is too late.

I am going to be less abrasive. It was a useful tool that suited the purpose to get people’s attention but it is not me. And; it is a rather tiring act. I don’t want to be type-cast.

I want to help out others or at least highlight them more. That would be Galrahn, War News Updates, Alert5, and some others that have to be your daily read. I want to help Sam and crew at Lowy Institute’s The Interpreter Blog be more successful with their goals to have a wider coverage. They are important daily reads; for me anyway.

I will also be blogging more on a variety of Aviation Week articles.

Also, I don’t have to agree with something everyday; all the time to like it.

I am still working on the layout of this blog. As there are a lot of mobile users, don’t expect it to be anything but a simple format.

I hope you enjoy where I am going.

3 thoughts on “Moving time for the blog and a slightly different direction

  1. Eric,
    Thank you for the venue and forum you provided in its previous (this) format and for the discussions and insights.
    “Who knows what will grow where the gentle rain falls”.

  2. Hey Eric,

    Good on ya mate. You were a real Battler, may be not an “Aussie” Battler, but probably better than most of the Aussie Battlers (I partly say this as a Kiwi, in hopes to annoy some Aussies, but also because it is true). You are right, if they haven’t figured it out, it is not ignorance, or even willful ignorance…it is something more insidious.
    But I am not sure you really want to have politics in that list of things to blog about… it will give you an ulcer.


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