12 thoughts on “Updated link to my new blog location

  1. So Im confused, I have followed you Eric since the War Pigs days. Is this site shutting down and if so why? We were just getting started here and gathering a nice pace. Hell we even coaxed out Mr Plummer to make regular and invaluable contributions, not to mention others like Horde. Why must we reinvent everything?

  2. and the new blog is a graphical disaster, unless you live in 1999. keep this blog, there is nothing wrong with it.

  3. Well done Eric regarding your efforts with this forum. It has been stimulating in allowing more lateral debate about defence issues that are often treated in somewhat sterile fashion in papers generated by agencies like ASPI and other so-called ‘think tanks’. Doubtless, big and powerful interests have tried to discredit your efforts at exposing the group thinking that prevails in the western world concerning military matters.

    The Australian defence scenario in particular is now really a quagmire of vested interests and it will really take something like a severe world economic crisis to force politicians into critical review of a defence policy that aims primarily to subsidise largely foreign-parented defence industries instead of maintaining continuous adequate and credible military preparedness.

    You have done this nation a service; although like others, I am disappointed that you are forfeiting a debating channel that was gathering considerable momentum. Good luck with your new blog.

  4. Second (or third?) time poster here, long time reader.

    I have to agree, no offenc(s)e (see what I did there???) ELP, but the new layout hurts my eyes. There is nothing wrong with this blog and there is absolutely no reason to move (again). :/


  5. Succes with your new blog Mister Palmer.
    I regret your moving on. I found the old blog one of the few top blogs, and i personally think the new one will be one of the way too many general blogs. Special is better in my opinion.
    Anyways thank you for the past years, i will certainly look at the new blog.
    Miss the old blog already!

  6. Yeah I third the motion on the new site Eric, visually it is horrible to the point where I find it very difficult to read and frankly tuned out. I simply do not understand why you would go backwards like this. I dont see why you couldnt have done the work for the other groups you mentioned from this blog. If you wanted to broaden the scope of this blog it would have made sense and we would have been all for it.

    Frankly I think I just saw another good reason to boot up the Mac after work just dissapear.

  7. haven’t blogged for a long time, i got tired of the same old same old but have enjoyed your blogs since ‘the war pigs’, somehow for me it struck a chord and summed up things military much better. Agree with your decision to evolve, it’s a big, wild, crazy world out there and u shouldn’t restrict yourself to pointless argument about one senseless program.
    Solomon, I’m sure your still out there, literally as well as figuratively, you owe me a slab.

  8. Irony of ironies here, just as Eric decides there is little more that can be said about the truck smash that is the F-35 program, Ashton Carter today fessed up that the program is unaffordable with agreement from the likes of John McCcain. Talk about “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

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