Afghanistan is about jobs not national defense #military

When you hear that the mission of keeping troops in Afghanistan is important, the reason isn’t for national defense. The reason is jobs.

When $2-$3 billion per week is spent for Operation: USELESS DIRT, that is a lot of contractors both in theatre and back in the U.S. that have a vested interest in this war not ending. It is now an industry dependent on a continuous stream of U.S. tax dollars.

The Afghanistan “mission” is now nothing more than a large government jobs program. This pales in comparison to depression jobs created by President Roosevelt. Imagine the tens of thousands of people that would be out of work if we came home from Afghanistan.

We don’t have an exit strategy for World War II, the Korean War, or the Cold War. We still have troops in those locations. Losing the Vietnam War actually saved us money because you can bet we would still be there had we won.

Maybe budget cutters will figure this out. My bet is that they won’t. Defense contractors for logistics and security companies contribute election campaign funds. In turn, we hear politicians say to stay the course.

Mission accomplished Mr. President; bring the troops home

For those that have forgot; Osama was the main justification for military action in Afghanistan. The killing of this high value target can put a close to Operation: USELESS DIRT. We can leave now and stick to our original word.

Our original justification never mentioned that we were going to go in and nation-build an illiterate and misogynistic society that believes child abuse is an acceptable sport.

Leaving Afghanistan now–with everything–points to our original word; we got the leader of an organisation that performed an act of war on the U.S.

There is no value in sticking around; especially at the cost of $2-$3 billion a week; all for no gain.

We are more powerful at responding to terrorist threats with no large number of troops tied down in a dead-end region of the world that can’t qualify as a nation.

The President can declare victory now and most Americans will be OK with that. I know I will.

Hey Rubio (and others) why don’t you pick up a rifle and go? #military

I love it how people like this are all for U.S. military intervention–that is what he is saying because an unhappy letter from the U.N. or Hillary won’t do it–and then never have day one of military service under their belt. I’ll say it. I don’t care what happens in Syria. We have real nation-building to do at home. And I don’t want a no-nothing career politician trying to add to the work of Team America: WORLD POLICE.

If you know people like this and are tired of this kind of behavior, just point the person to the nearest military recruiter and see if they are willing to do their part. Chances are, they will have an excuse of some kind.

NeoLib’s problem with the war in Libya #military

The NeoLibs have got a war in our name going that has no interest in U.S. national security.

As Sal comments correctly, this is what a war without proper NCO’s and Officers looks like. And we are backing these clowns. For what?

Useless foreign wars. That is our growth industry for this debtor economy. Where is the demand for a no-fly-zone over Syria Mr. Obama?

Reasons why the U.S. should not use military force in Libya #military

There are a lot of people throwing around the idea for U.S. intervention to help rebels in Libya. Many of them have never served in uniform. Here is why U.S. intervention in Libya is a bad idea.

1. Libya in any form is not a threat to the United States. It is not going to invade Florida, New York or Washington D.C.
2. Any military move into Libya is an act of war. This requires a request by the President to Congress for a declaration of war.
3. It is time for nations in the region to fix their own problems without our help.
4. We do not have the money to waste on conflicts that provide no defensive value to the United States.
5. The prime mission of the U.S. is to extract their citizens. That mission is over.