Whistle-blowers claim Defence fakes massive amounts of security background checks #military #auspol

This article takes the cake for troubling Defence news. In it whistle-blowers claim that security checks on a variety of Defence personal and contractors are faked to try and reduce a backlog of background checks and personal security reports.

It involves claims of threatening those employees to pick up the pace and fake documents to get things done.

If true, it is one of the most serious breaches of security to be made public.

An investigation should be launched with an outside agency that doesn’t directly report to Defence. The Federal Police would probably do. An investigation of this size is worthy of a fund-site, sufficient manning  and standing up of office space in the Federal Police to find out the exact health of our Defence security vetting process.

Besides losing a war it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Matter of fact it is something as serious as this that COULD make us lose a war, suffer a domestic terrorist incident (on any scale), leak large amounts of secret information, or see equipment pilfered on a large scale for lack of a crim-check.

Without proper security vetting of Defence personnel and contractors, we have no credible national defence.